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BooneBum's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 50 (From 22 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 920 Points

MAKE IT as an Artist

Time to Make It! Unlocked 11/27/16
5 Points
Play "Make it as an Artist"
Newgrounds 5 Points Follow me on Newgrounds
Prison Cell with a View 5 Points Why do I punish myself?
Twitter 5 Points Follow me on Twitter.
What dreams may come? 10 Points ...
Happy Little Trees 50 Points They hide in your brush, you just have to push 'em out.
Finally MAKE IT 100 Points FILLING YOUR FAME METER to finally MAKE IT as an Artist.
You call this art? 100 Points Paint your masterpiece.
Alcoholic Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Depression Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
I too have loved... Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Screw Art! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/12 (5/400 points)

Make My Next Game

Knock Knock Unlocked 7/15/14
5 Points
who's there?
Or GTFO? Unlocked 10/6/14
5 Points
you know how it goes
Pixel Puncher Unlocked 7/15/14
5 Points
Tipsy 5 Points had one too many
Wired 5 Points get a grip man
Efficient 10 Points finish a project in less than 27 commands
INCEPTION 10 Points go two levels deep
Success! 10 Points finish a flash project

Medals Earned: 3/8 (15/55 points)


Love Always Remains Unlocked 11/22/14
25 Points
Take the easy way out.
Party In The Dungeon Unlocked 11/24/14
25 Points
That's quite a busy reign
Whyyyyy? Unlocked 11/22/14
25 Points
Kinghood suxx
Eternity Unlocked 11/22/14
50 Points
Grab your piece of eternal kingship

Medals Earned: 4/4 (125/125 points)

NG's 20th Anniversary Collab

Beebo Unlocked 12/1/15
5 Points
from BEEBO
A-Bot 5 Points from the Audio Portal
Alien Hominid 5 Points from Alien Hominid
Bitey 5 Points from the Brackenwood series
Blockhead 5 Points from Blockhead
Cat Face & Box Cat 5 Points from Cat Face
Chocolate Man & Cripple Boy 5 Points from Nameless
Detective Nwar 5 Points from NWAR
Edd Gould 5 Points from Eddsworld
Eva 5 Points from Miss Dynamite
Fernando 5 Points from the Greasy Moose series
Foamy 5 Points from the Neurotically Yours series
Hank 5 Points from the Madness series
Icky 5 Points from the No Evil series
Jerry 5 Points from Jerry
Kenstar 5 Points from Girlchan in Paradise
Kerrigan 5 Points from Kerrigan and the Frog, etc.
Larry 5 Points from LARRY
Leo & Satan 5 Points from Leo & Satan
Pico 5 Points from Pico's School
Salad Fingers 5 Points from Salad Fingers
Tankgirl 5 Points from Newgrounds
Time Fcuk 5 Points from Time Fcuk
Zoe 5 Points from XOMBIE
ZONE-tan 5 Points from ZTV News
Alternative 10 Points Try out a mini-games' alternate keys!
Curious 10 Points Link to a figurine's original submission!
Prepared 10 Points Control the hands in the mini-game select screen!
Bookworm 25 Points Read the story!
Collector 25 Points Look at the figurines!
Film buff 25 Points Watch the movie!
Casual 50 Points Find all the mini-games' Easter eggs!
Hardcore 100 Points Beat every mini-game!

Medals Earned: 1/33 (5/380 points)

Pico's School 2

Locker disorder. Unlocked 3/24/14
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Woops! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
No penises here! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/3 (25/150 points)

Plumet 2

Fancyman unlocked Unlocked 3/23/17
5 Points
Unlocked the Fancyman character
Ninja unlocked Unlocked 4/20/18
5 Points
Unlocked the Ninja character
Pirate unlocked Unlocked 3/23/17
5 Points
Unlocked the Pirate character
Purple fancyman unlocked Unlocked 3/23/17
5 Points
Unlocked the Purple fancyman character
A rock could fall further Unlocked 2/26/15
10 Points
Fall 100 Metres
Good fall Unlocked 3/23/17
10 Points
Fall 600 metres
Not bad Unlocked 3/23/17
10 Points
Fall 400 metres
Super fall Unlocked 4/20/18
10 Points
Fall 800 metres
Falling master Unlocked 4/20/18
25 Points
Fall 1000 metres
Bear unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Bear character
Chicken unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Chicken character
Cloaked man unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Cloaked man character
Dinosaur unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Dinosaur character
Hazmat unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Hazmat character
Knight unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Knight character
Pumpkinman unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Pumpkinman character
Rabbit unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Rabbit character
Robot unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Robot character
Santa unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Santa character
Skeleton unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Skeleton character
Soldier unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Soldier character
Streaker unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Streaker character
Yellowman unlocked 5 Points Unlocked the Yellowman character
Plumet king 25 Points Fall 1200 metres

Medals Earned: 9/24 (85/180 points)


Mike drop Unlocked 12/13/16
5 Points
Tyson was dropped from the game in 1990 after he lost the title.
NeoGeo 5 Points Joing the Deathink fan club, follow Deathink on Newgrounds TODAY!
Shitter 5 Points Follow me on Twitter.
You can't handle this! 5 Points Get punched out by Tom.
Punch Out Tom! 100 Points Beat Toms butt for blamming your submission.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/120 points)

Reimagine :The Game:

So Vivid And Intense Unlocked 2/20/15
25 Points
Pass Rainbows The Game without dying.
Finding Out Who Your REAL Friends Are 5 Points Share this game! Your REAL friends will weep for you.
Death By Slow Internet 10 Points Get 1000 points on the Preloader game. YOU MONSTER
Baby I Was Born To Survive 25 Points Pass Lady Gaga The Game without dying.
BWOOOOONG 25 Points Complete Inception The Game in under 30 seconds.
Not That Dying On Lost MEANS Dying On Lost 25 Points Pass LOST THE GAME (haha) without dying.
Too Soon, Finish Late 25 Points Survive Earthquakes The Game for 30 seconds.
Unzipping in the No-Fly Zone 25 Points Finish one third of the levels.
Viewer Number 301 25 Points Complete Youtube The Game in under 15 seconds.
Charged With Battery 50 Points Finish two thirds of the levels.
EVERYONE IS YOU 100 Points Unlock EVERYTHING. Now, you can play the game as your OWN character. SUCCESS.
The End The Game 100 Points Finish all the levels... Oh, but that's JUST the levels!

Medals Earned: 1/12 (25/440 points)

Relive Your Life

Dressing in Drag Unlocked 7/27/16
10 Points
Rambo is quite the prankster!
Extra! Extra! Unlocked 4/15/16
10 Points
Check out any of the external links
Hide 'n Seek Unlocked 10/9/14
10 Points
He hid for two hours you selfish jerk!
I ain't sayin' you a golddigger. Unlocked 10/9/14
10 Points
But you ain't messing with no broke.. nibroke ;)
Shoop Da Whoop! Unlocked 11/17/14
10 Points
Imma firin mah lazor!!!
The Man Who Owns Time Unlocked 11/17/14
10 Points
"Dr. Who" They name you, "His life, so bizarre."
100 MPH Spank! 10 Points Whoops! I hope you like wrinkles!
30 Rock Date 10 Points TFey and ABee come 2 save the Dee!
Big Mouth 10 Points Because bragging gets you nowhere.
Blind Runner 10 Points Daredevil ain't got nothin' on you.
Daytime TV Trio! 10 Points Oprah, Ellen, and Maury!? You lucky sonovagun!
Dead Mutant Baby 10 Points Death snagged you so young!
Dreamin' with Morgan Freeman 10 Points Yogurt.
FYI YOU'RE A SPY 10 Points Backstabbing yourself, low blow man.
Hellfire Injection 10 Points Time paid life's bill.
HomeRun! 10 Points Obeezy likes basketball, whoda thunk it?
Human Appliance 10 Points Science is bad, M'kay?
Love at First Fight 10 Points Your sister figures out love the hard way.
Mee-Yow! 10 Points A WILD CatFight ensues!
Meet Joe Black 10 Points This was hilarious to animate :)
Mutually Assured Destruction 10 Points Everything dies and it's all your fault.
My Hero. 10 Points No dead bunnies or kittens... for now.
Nice Save! 10 Points Obviously she's a keeper!
Puppy Love 10 Points Like OMG, Totes jelly.
Self Consumed Donut 10 Points Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin WHAT
Tails Never Fails 10 Points A classic for bidding!
The Amazing Quadrupede! 10 Points You're a flying transgender mutant! SUCCESS!!!!!
The Dr. Phil Tango 10 Points You pissed off Dr. Phil. Gj bro.
The Naked Mile 10 Points If I weren't legally obliged, I'd go nude too.
Ultimate Velocity Five! 10 Points You become Saint Awesome!
GODLIKE! 100 Points You shake hands with the Almighty himself!
Lives Worth Living! 100 Points You found all 29 different endings!

Medals Earned: 6/32 (60/500 points)

REPLAYING :the game:

THE END Unlocked 6/26/10
100 Points
Meaning it's now time for the level editor, level playlist, unlockables, highscores... NO WAIT COME BACK.
A Little Birdie Told Me. 25 Points Go to the Show Appreciation link. Click the blue birdie. Press 'update'. Thanks.
Bloodbath 25 Points Kill 150 or more of those buggers in the preloader game.
Unlock-ness Monster 100 Points Unlock everything. You see what I did there with this Medal's title? Lol.

Medals Earned: 1/4 (100/250 points)