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BooneBum's News

Posted by BooneBum - November 18th, 2016

yo so i haven't really been animating too much lately. or.. at all actually !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been drawing though! Every now and then. I was drawing everyday last month for Inktober. You can check them out here, heeeeeere, and HERE! those links! yes them! click them!


I've also been working with Ross Bollinger on Pencilmation! I'm doing the sound effects! The episodes I've worked on haven't been released on Newgrounds yet, but they are on PoopTube

You can find them in this playlist, along with other stuff I've done sound for in the past couple years (can't believe I'm saying years but it's true, time is going by fast)


I'm getting really passionate about Sound Design and cartoons. I'm never going to quit animating or drawing BUT I'm starting to think Sound Design is my best talent. I've always loved sound design and animation, so whichever I end up focusing my career on, I'll be happy. Hell, I'll probably end up doing both. I just turned 19 a couple days ago and still got a big life ahead of me, so who knows where I'll be or what I'll be doing in the coming years. All I know now is that things are looking bright.


ok im done with this update. it kinda turned into a blog and now i feel gross. i'm going to go away and be a child ( that means i am going to go play pokemon !!!!!!!! )


Posted by BooneBum - July 13th, 2016

300 is a yummy number


Posted by BooneBum - June 25th, 2016

loop for the loop jam


hopefully i can continue making more for the summer animation jam


http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/676885 !!!!


Posted by BooneBum - May 22nd, 2016



New Parry Gripp Music Video


I've been working on this on and off for the past year but it's finally done. It's a bit of a throwback from Space Nachos quality-wise but I wanted to aim to look more like my old work, since Raining Tacos did so well over the past couple years.


Right now I'm busy finishing up my last college quarter. I'm graduating next month so pretty soon so I'll have a lot more time to animate. I've been looking for jobs lately and once school is over I'm probably going to have to open commissions and maybe start a Patreon. If Patreon works out, I'll be pumping out a lot more original stuff. I don't have a lot of faith in Patreon so most likely I'll have to make my original stuff in my free time. Hopefully I can find a way not to completely fall off the face of the internet. I'd really love to keep making my own stuff, and it's been a long while since I actually have as well, but life is startin' up for me so I'm really not sure what's gonna happen.


I'll still occasionally post art or music here on NG, collaborate with other animators, and maybe post a couple animations but I doubt they will be anything amazing. So to conclude this boring update; I'm not dead, I'm just a little dead.


Posted by BooneBum - May 3rd, 2016

to pico day



Posted by BooneBum - March 26th, 2016

yo i made a poopy tutorial for anyone who wants to join the Open Toonz animation jam



Posted by BooneBum - February 5th, 2016


Made a new demo reel! Cool???? sure i guess


Posted by BooneBum - December 25th, 2015


Soundtrack demos for "Wat."


What is "Wat."?

"Wat." is a series I've been developing for a couple years now. Not sure what medium I will be presenting the series in yet. I'm leaning toward a graphic novel/comic series but originally I wanted this to be an animated cartoon series. I'll probably do both (comic then animated).

What is "Wat." about?

I haven't gotten a final plot set up yet but as I've said, it been developing for a couple years now. To prevent possible spoilers I'll say this, it will be a sci-fi, abstract, dark, crazy cartoon series.... with aliens. WHO KNOWS! It could change, it wasn't originally going to be that. It was going to be a random nonsense cartoon with a mega dark side. Still, it will be that BUT MORE :o

What's this music for?

Ever since I began working toward making this series, I started making music to go with it. I created some tracks that I associated with "Wat." The whole time, the plan was WEIRD, ABSTRACT, CRAZY. Think of this music as schizophrenia and aliens as one. And slowly as I learned more about music, I kept recreating them. Eventually leading to this album. These are still demos but when the series eventually comes i will recreate these ONCE MORE!


Posted by BooneBum - November 14th, 2015

i turned 18 yesterday!! my childhood is officially over but it will live on through my cartoons!!!


im still working for Parry Gripp but i hope to post more animations soon!!! for now i'll try to post more art and music. <3


also i'll be down in cali next week w/ my best pals MrChambers, Stejkrobot, Raziberry, HowardWimshurst and some others for CTN! wooo!!!!


Posted by BooneBum - October 23rd, 2015

Still working with Parry Gripp! Happy Halloween guys!