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Hi. Ryan A. BooneBum.... comin' at'cha... for the last time (for a lil while at least!)

Turtle has finally hit the NG. Hope you guys like that little music video! (It'll be the last one of mine for a couple months)

Turtle was actually started back in 2012, this music video was created based on an animatic I made at the time.

Here's a bit of commentary I wrote about this one:

"Yep, you read correctly! This animatic was created in 2012 (possibly even started late 2011) & sadly it was one of my (many) unfinished animations from that era. I honestly couldnt tell ya why I abandoned this one. It remained an animatic for years. Never came back to it. UNTIL!! Last year while I was working on Quesadilla Explosion, Parry asked if I'd like to make another music video. I shared a couple old unfinished animatics (& mentioned an old song or two I could also animate) He chose Turtle! I would guess its because it was made around the same time as Raining Tacos. It definitely has the old BooneBum charm to it. It felt like I stepped into a time machine sometimes while working on this. I (like I did with the Raining Tacos vids) tried to "modernize" the style but also tried to keep the vibe/charm of the old BooneBum. I ended up creating a new mishmash style of different mediums (and I actually really like the look!) It's definitely a rare work of mine I can look back on and say it's really nice. I like this music video :)"


Here's an old drawing of the turtle I drew originally in 2012 before abandoning the video

I usually leave fun facts in the description of the animatics I upload to Youtube but I'll add the fun facts from this one here in this newspost:


1. The backgrounds for this were hand painted. I didn't feel like doing flat color backgrounds for this one so I whipped out some printer paper & got my old paints from college & slapped some paint down. I painted maybe 6 backgrounds then when I brought them to my computer, I turned 6 paintings into about 30 by making alternate color versions of each (Thats why you may notice the same painted backgrounds with different colors)

2. The Turtle's name is Jack.

3. Jack & his many hats were 3D modeled in Blender.

4. This cartoon features my classic characters, Blue & Green. They date back to 2009, debuting in "This Is My Ringtone" (there's actually 3 versions of that cartoon, the first two were uploaded on my *first* Newgrounds account & the "official" one uploaded on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suxZ1...) Then Green returned again in "Everybody Loves Doritos" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gnpW...) Then about 3 years later they starred in Poobrador THEN 6 YEARS after that they appeared VERY briefly in Hailing Taquitos. Then a year later had their own music video again with Turtle :)

5. There's an alternate universe where Turtle was finished & released in 2012 & looks exactly like Raining Tacos.

Anyways, like I said earlier; This'll be the last you'll see from me for a little while I work on the next Raining Tacos Saga music video. Thanks again to everyone here on Newgrounds watching & enjoying the music videos! & extra thanks to those reading my giant heaps of texts every week about each of my music videos. It's been really healthy for me to reflect on my work.

As a parting gift to the snoopers & The Raining Tacos Saga fans, here's a few concept doodles for the next music video!



And here's a peek at a sketch for a cover art piece I'm working on:


Farewell.... for now! ;)