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BooneBum's News

Posted by BooneBum - June 14th, 2021

Hi. Ryan A. BooneBum.... comin' at'cha... for the last time (for a lil while at least!)

Turtle has finally hit the NG. Hope you guys like that little music video! (It'll be the last one of mine for a couple months)

Turtle was actually started back in 2012, this music video was created based on an animatic I made at the time.

Here's a bit of commentary I wrote about this one:

"Yep, you read correctly! This animatic was created in 2012 (possibly even started late 2011) & sadly it was one of my (many) unfinished animations from that era. I honestly couldnt tell ya why I abandoned this one. It remained an animatic for years. Never came back to it. UNTIL!! Last year while I was working on Quesadilla Explosion, Parry asked if I'd like to make another music video. I shared a couple old unfinished animatics (& mentioned an old song or two I could also animate) He chose Turtle! I would guess its because it was made around the same time as Raining Tacos. It definitely has the old BooneBum charm to it. It felt like I stepped into a time machine sometimes while working on this. I (like I did with the Raining Tacos vids) tried to "modernize" the style but also tried to keep the vibe/charm of the old BooneBum. I ended up creating a new mishmash style of different mediums (and I actually really like the look!) It's definitely a rare work of mine I can look back on and say it's really nice. I like this music video :)"


Here's an old drawing of the turtle I drew originally in 2012 before abandoning the video

I usually leave fun facts in the description of the animatics I upload to Youtube but I'll add the fun facts from this one here in this newspost:


1. The backgrounds for this were hand painted. I didn't feel like doing flat color backgrounds for this one so I whipped out some printer paper & got my old paints from college & slapped some paint down. I painted maybe 6 backgrounds then when I brought them to my computer, I turned 6 paintings into about 30 by making alternate color versions of each (Thats why you may notice the same painted backgrounds with different colors)

2. The Turtle's name is Jack.

3. Jack & his many hats were 3D modeled in Blender.

4. This cartoon features my classic characters, Blue & Green. They date back to 2009, debuting in "This Is My Ringtone" (there's actually 3 versions of that cartoon, the first two were uploaded on my *first* Newgrounds account & the "official" one uploaded on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suxZ1...) Then Green returned again in "Everybody Loves Doritos" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gnpW...) Then about 3 years later they starred in Poobrador THEN 6 YEARS after that they appeared VERY briefly in Hailing Taquitos. Then a year later had their own music video again with Turtle :)

5. There's an alternate universe where Turtle was finished & released in 2012 & looks exactly like Raining Tacos.

Anyways, like I said earlier; This'll be the last you'll see from me for a little while I work on the next Raining Tacos Saga music video. Thanks again to everyone here on Newgrounds watching & enjoying the music videos! & extra thanks to those reading my giant heaps of texts every week about each of my music videos. It's been really healthy for me to reflect on my work.

As a parting gift to the snoopers & The Raining Tacos Saga fans, here's a few concept doodles for the next music video!



And here's a peek at a sketch for a cover art piece I'm working on:


Farewell.... for now! ;)



Posted by BooneBum - June 7th, 2021

hellloooo its me me me again (ryan a. boonebum.......) sorry if you're over-taco'd but part 4 of The Raining Taco Saga was just released here on the NG: Quesadilla Explosion!

This has been the latest entry in the series for almost a year now but the next few parts are now in development w/ more planned as well. So I'm gonna be busy on those for the next year haha. They'll be posted on NG when Parry uploads them on Youtube.

Here's a tiny BtS note from the animatic's description:

"Behind the scenes of this video was a bit gloomy. I started working on this video right when Covid hit, had a lot of personal problems going on, etc. I was not in a good place when I was making this one but I tried my best to keep my head up & not let it affect my work (it still made this video difficult to finish though haha). This cartoon was based on what I had for the Raining Tacos cartoon at the time after I spent a lot of time behind the scenes with the TacoBot 3000 music video. Since then (especially these last few months) I've been working a bunch on the lore & the whole cartoon in general so the next part (and every future music video afterwards) will hopefully seem more "loaded" & competent."

The response to the first 3 parts has been overwhelming! I'm so happy everyone's enjoying the music videos. I didn't realize the parts outside the original Raining Tacos would also be nostalgia bombs for viewers (Okay maybe Hailing Taquitos was a little nostalgia-baity but) I hope you'll see the future parts as more than just that because I'm really going in on these cartoons moving forward. Lots of lore & character & world building goin' on behind the scenes. While this saga will have an end eventually, I'm building this cartoon to outlast it.

Anyhoo, Quesadilla Explosion will continue to be the latest music video in this series for a little while longer. The next one (& maybe more) will be out sometime this year & def more next year. So keep Raining Tacos on the mind folks!

I only got one more music video of mine (called Turtle) left to post here (excluding the Xmas Raining Tacos, which I'll post in December). After next week, hopefully I'll have Parry's other vids to upload here! My reign of Parry's NG account is coming to an end...... (not entirely though, I'll still be running it hehehe)

Thanks to everyone who's watched the Saga so far! I appreciate all of you! <3



Posted by BooneBum - May 31st, 2021

Yo yo... Ryan A. BooOoooone Bum appears again on Monday... annoyed yet? hehehehe

My favorite music vid just dropped here on the NG, TacoBot 3000 !!!!!!!!! It's the third part of The Raining Tacos Saga & probably the first "model cartoon" for the series (even though there's only 4 parts so far at the moment, rest assured there's more planned & possibly something bigger if things go good EXCLUSIVE BOONEBUM PLANS ONLY FOR THE HOMIES OF NG hehehehe)

I (oops I mean Parry... shhhh) made a playlist for the series btw

Here's some BTS I wrote for the animatic's description:

"When I started TacoBot 3000, I already thought what everyone else would, "another one? how long can they keep this up?" And look, I love Parry Gripp's songs & I love making music videos for them (I have since I was 10-11 when i first started animating) so naturally I want to keep this up forever!! But to do that I'd have to plan, & lemme tell ya, I sure did plan this music video. I stewed on this one for MONTHS. It came out in November 2019 but I started working on it as early as May that year. Of course a big reason for taking that long was because I was in Canada most of that year & couldn't legally work there (I probably could have secretly but I didnt want to take the risk of being caught, THEYRE SCARY AND MEAN) But while i was there I did a lot of planning; how to make this new music video fresh & original AND how it could stay that way moving forward. I really grabbed onto Parry's lyrics for this one, namely "Saving the world from not having tacos" I decided THATS the premise moving forward. Because that makes you ask questions & questions make people want to watch and get answers. "Who is preventing the world from having tacos?" "How will he save everyone?" etc. That's what you want for a series! The process was so damn fun. I was making all sorts of TacoBot transformations, weapons, villains to spice things up! Answer the questions for that premise. Parry even changed a bit of the song to further push the villains in the lyrics by adding one of his patented rap sequences!! It was just such a great experience working on this. Drawn out a bit too long but a great result in the end. It really set up the series moving forward. View it like this, Raining Tacos was the original, the basis for all of this, the popular video EVERYONE watched, then Hailing Taquitos is made, a faithful sequel that calls back a lot but implements some new features, characters, villains, etc. Its a perfect sequel for Raining Tacos while also being a great transition to something new. Then TacoBot 3000 solidifies the new stuff making future songs (and any other possible plans for the series) a lot easier, original & fun!"

Hopefully after readin' that you can tell we're not trying to milk Raining Tacos (okay MAYBE a little but hear me out please). This has become something I'm really passionate about, which is very rare for my own work which I usually look down upon (as most artists tend to do with their own work unfortunately). I've been working a lot on this series lately & if my big plans go well, I think Parry & I got something great here. And you guys watching & reading are the first to see it. Sure yeah, it's taco lol random cringe... BUT I DONT CARE. ITS AWESOME. ITS FUN. ITS A CARTOON!!! AND I LOVE CARTOONS!! AND I LOVE NEWGROUNDS!!!! AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR READING AND WATCHING, I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!!!

Quesadilla Explosion is next. Part 4. Ya. Then I'll have one more Parry Gripp vid of mine to upload here; Not Raining Tacos related (YES I DECIDED NOT TO UPLOAD THE CHRISTMAS VIDEO YET). It's called Turtle & I think it's a nice video to end my Parry Gripp reign on NG (for now.... I'll be back....) But hopefully by then I'll have some of Parry's other vids to upload here like some of his main artist Nathan Mazur's videos or some of Parry's other great videos animated by some amazing artists!! We'll see!!!!

Here's some poopy concept doodles from 2019!

iu_318912_3357101.pngiu_318913_3357101.pngiu_318914_3357101.pngiu_318915_3357101.png*This character's name is now THE Gorger btw




Posted by BooneBum - May 24th, 2021

HELLLoooOoOoOOo it is I.... Ryan A. Boone BUmbumbum...... again...

The sequel of my old music video Raining Tacos has been released here on Newgrounds! Go check out the 4K version of HAILING TAQUITOS!!!

Again like my other reuploads, they're higher quality than the originals & have a few spots touched up. I'm especially hyped to rerelease this music video though because back in 2019 when I was exporting this cartoon, my computer at the time could not handle it (AS WELL AS ADOBE PROGRAMS BEING COMPLETE ASS) So the quality of the original version was SUPER gross due to having to compromise ways of even getting it fully exported (I had to sacrifice a lot of the quality) So last month while I was editing/converting my music videos into 4K, I spent about a week fixing, reanimating tiny broken bits & exporting this new YUMMY 4K version. I'm just so happy to finally see it in it's best quality after having to embarrassingly submit a 480p (upscaled to 720p) barf version to Parry back in 2019 :((

Anyhoo, I've also started uploading the animatics of these music videos to my Youtube channel with annoyingly loud descriptions to hopefully lure any stragglers still watching my videos there to come to Newgrounds to watch the new 4K versions (which currently are exclusively on this site until Parry eventually uploads a new compilation video on YT when part 5 is finished BUT NO WORRIES, PART 5 ISNT EVEN STARTED YET SO THERES LOADS OF TIME) But I had a bit of commentary in the description of this animatic that I'll share here as well:

"I started working on this 6-7 years after Raining Tacos. It was really refreshing but also intimidating. On one hand, it helped me reconnect with my roots (I had been really lost creatively for a while) but it was also a challenge to come back to, I had to return to a style I despised (at the time ofc). Working on this really helped me appreciate my older work. Sure the art was super crude but it was still so fun & youthful (which is a vibe I always strive to keep in my cartoons now). Working on this was super fun, figuring out how to bring the old style into a cleaner more modern look but maintain the original style. It was a neat challenge that was also super healthy for me creatively. While this isn't my favorite music video, it holds a special place in my heart because it saved me in a way. Picked me back up when I was down."

I hope you all are enjoying my cartoons! So happy to finally share what I've made these past 6-7 years on Newgrounds. Part 3 of the Raining Tacos Saga, TacoBot 3000 is up next! (It's my personal favorite!!!) So keep your eyes open on the portal next Monday morning! Thanks for reading & watching!! LOVE U ALL, LOVE NEWGROUNDS, I KISS YOU!!!!!



Posted by BooneBum - May 17th, 2021

RAINING TACOS is now up on Newgrounds!! (with updated colors & a few more touch ups!)

Yes, my viral toon from 2012 has made its way to its true home here on this site. I've tried once before to host the music video here but like I said in my last post w/ Space Nachos, it probably got copyrighted from the music & was taken down. But not this time baybeeeee ayeeeeeee (cuz I've been uploading from his account w/ his permission)

ANYHOO, just a heads up that more Raining Tacos is heading your way in the coming weeks. The Raining Tacos Saga is makin' its way here!! Next week I'll be uploading the sequel, Hailing Taquitos, then after TacoBot 3000 (my fav), & then Quesadilla Explosion. (Unsure if I should upload the Christmas special after that or wait until the holidays this year to do that but we'll see) After all those are rereleased here (theyll all be in 4K as well, NG exclusive quality!!) I only got one or two more music videos of mine to upload. Hopefully by then, Parry will give me some other stuff of his to upload here! I'm sure by then you'll be sick of seeing my stuff lol

I hope you guys enjoy our silly taco cartoons :) Parry & I have more plans for this series, so keep your eyes to the sky! (for tacos....... raining....... ya.......)



Posted by BooneBum - May 3rd, 2021

helloooo it is meeeee... Ryan A. BoooooneBum..... oooooooooooo....

been a fat minute since i posted any work here. i havent been making much other than working with Parry Gripp over the years. i couldnt really upload those here since he owns those videos HOWEVER!! since he is my buddy.. i have finally allured him to join the ranks of da newgrounds.... (or at least gave me permission to upload videos for him & run his NG account lol)

ANYHOO with that said, there is more Parry Gripp vids incoming. For now he asked me to just upload mine but I'm hoping to get a schedule going for a double upload every week (a new video on Fridays & reuploads on Mondays) but we'll see how it goes in the future. Nothing is forrrrrr certain!!

But yeah, for now I'll be uploading my music videos every Monday until I have no more... (I only have a handful) Some are older, some are newer (I put the original release dates of each video in the descriptions in case people are curious why the quality shifts between uploads LMAO) I have no schedule for which vids are uploaded next, I've been randomly working on each of these lately to get a nice 4K version of each (with a few tweaks in some vids, nothing major) I'm hoping to entice any die-hard Parry or BooneBum fans to come here to watch the NG exclusive 4K versions......

Here's whats out now btw:

Zoo Boo was uploaded today, if you wanna check that out.

Last Train to Awesometown was uploaded last week. It seems it went a bit under the radar in judgement, so if you missed it, you can watch it now!!!!

Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig) was the NG debut upload. Its my latest music video & it was a lot of fun to make! I'm glad many of you enjoyed it!

I think..... Space Nachos is next week's upload (im outta town so I cant remember what I put next lol) I originally uploaded this music video back in 2015 when I first made it (I got Parry's permission) but it was removed. I'm unsure why but if its because it blew everyones eardrums at Pico Day that year, I APOLOGIZE!! That was my bad, I didnt change the volume when I exported it AAAAAAAHH. I made sure it was turned down in the 4K version. I'm sure it was taken down because of music copyright though lol. I'm hoping since its an upload from Parry's actual account this time, itll be okay to reupload.

The Raining Tacos saga will also be uploaded eventually. There's 5 of those now (including the original from 2012 & the recent Christmas version) Parry & I got bigger plans for Raining Tacos that I hope go well! Thats what I'm currently working on now.

Okay well this post has been way longer than I thought so I'll end it here. Thanks for reading! Hope everyone enjoys my silly cartoons & be sure to give Parry a follow!



Posted by BooneBum - November 18th, 2016

yo so i haven't really been animating too much lately. or.. at all actually !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been drawing though! Every now and then. I was drawing everyday last month for Inktober. You can check them out here, heeeeeere, and HERE! those links! yes them! click them!


I've also been working with Ross Bollinger on Pencilmation! I'm doing the sound effects! The episodes I've worked on haven't been released on Newgrounds yet, but they are on PoopTube

You can find them in this playlist, along with other stuff I've done sound for in the past couple years (can't believe I'm saying years but it's true, time is going by fast)


I'm getting really passionate about Sound Design and cartoons. I'm never going to quit animating or drawing BUT I'm starting to think Sound Design is my best talent. I've always loved sound design and animation, so whichever I end up focusing my career on, I'll be happy. Hell, I'll probably end up doing both. I just turned 19 a couple days ago and still got a big life ahead of me, so who knows where I'll be or what I'll be doing in the coming years. All I know now is that things are looking bright.


ok im done with this update. it kinda turned into a blog and now i feel gross. i'm going to go away and be a child ( that means i am going to go play pokemon !!!!!!!! )


Posted by BooneBum - July 13th, 2016

300 is a yummy number


Posted by BooneBum - June 25th, 2016

loop for the loop jam


hopefully i can continue making more for the summer animation jam


http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/676885 !!!!


Posted by BooneBum - May 22nd, 2016



New Parry Gripp Music Video


I've been working on this on and off for the past year but it's finally done. It's a bit of a throwback from Space Nachos quality-wise but I wanted to aim to look more like my old work, since Raining Tacos did so well over the past couple years.


Right now I'm busy finishing up my last college quarter. I'm graduating next month so pretty soon so I'll have a lot more time to animate. I've been looking for jobs lately and once school is over I'm probably going to have to open commissions and maybe start a Patreon. If Patreon works out, I'll be pumping out a lot more original stuff. I don't have a lot of faith in Patreon so most likely I'll have to make my original stuff in my free time. Hopefully I can find a way not to completely fall off the face of the internet. I'd really love to keep making my own stuff, and it's been a long while since I actually have as well, but life is startin' up for me so I'm really not sure what's gonna happen.


I'll still occasionally post art or music here on NG, collaborate with other animators, and maybe post a couple animations but I doubt they will be anything amazing. So to conclude this boring update; I'm not dead, I'm just a little dead.