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more Parry Gripp incoming

Posted by BooneBum - May 3rd, 2021

helloooo it is meeeee... Ryan A. BoooooneBum..... oooooooooooo....

been a fat minute since i posted any work here. i havent been making much other than working with Parry Gripp over the years. i couldnt really upload those here since he owns those videos HOWEVER!! since he is my buddy.. i have finally allured him to join the ranks of da newgrounds.... (or at least gave me permission to upload videos for him & run his NG account lol)

ANYHOO with that said, there is more Parry Gripp vids incoming. For now he asked me to just upload mine but I'm hoping to get a schedule going for a double upload every week (a new video on Fridays & reuploads on Mondays) but we'll see how it goes in the future. Nothing is forrrrrr certain!!

But yeah, for now I'll be uploading my music videos every Monday until I have no more... (I only have a handful) Some are older, some are newer (I put the original release dates of each video in the descriptions in case people are curious why the quality shifts between uploads LMAO) I have no schedule for which vids are uploaded next, I've been randomly working on each of these lately to get a nice 4K version of each (with a few tweaks in some vids, nothing major) I'm hoping to entice any die-hard Parry or BooneBum fans to come here to watch the NG exclusive 4K versions......

Here's whats out now btw:

Zoo Boo was uploaded today, if you wanna check that out.

Last Train to Awesometown was uploaded last week. It seems it went a bit under the radar in judgement, so if you missed it, you can watch it now!!!!

Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig) was the NG debut upload. Its my latest music video & it was a lot of fun to make! I'm glad many of you enjoyed it!

I think..... Space Nachos is next week's upload (im outta town so I cant remember what I put next lol) I originally uploaded this music video back in 2015 when I first made it (I got Parry's permission) but it was removed. I'm unsure why but if its because it blew everyones eardrums at Pico Day that year, I APOLOGIZE!! That was my bad, I didnt change the volume when I exported it AAAAAAAHH. I made sure it was turned down in the 4K version. I'm sure it was taken down because of music copyright though lol. I'm hoping since its an upload from Parry's actual account this time, itll be okay to reupload.

The Raining Tacos saga will also be uploaded eventually. There's 5 of those now (including the original from 2012 & the recent Christmas version) Parry & I got bigger plans for Raining Tacos that I hope go well! Thats what I'm currently working on now.

Okay well this post has been way longer than I thought so I'll end it here. Thanks for reading! Hope everyone enjoys my silly cartoons & be sure to give Parry a follow!