What's new, Mr. Boone?

2014-10-11 02:56:32 by BooneBum

Hey everyone! I've got an update for you guys about my content and what I've been doing. Got some personal stuff going on too that will soon affect my work too.


So, I haven't really been active too much (content-wise), for about a half a year. I kinda slowed down after NATA and the past summer. Got kinda lazy, but kinda productive as well. 

I may have not done much of my own work lately, but I have been helping my buddies out with sound design for their videos, I.E. MrChambers and Stejkrobot. I have over 3000 sound effects and I love using them so I thought it was a no-brainer to help my friends out.


As for me, I've got a couple of things in progress:

I'm working on a random animated short with my good pal, Eric Tosmatobeef, called "The Adventures of Goodboy Bart" w/ the voice talents of SketchEffect, Cromagg, and Ed Atlin. I'm doing all the rough animation, and Eric is doing all the final art with his amazing clean vector art style. Here's a sneak peek of what I've animated so far: (x). Again I'm doing the rough animation, so it's not very 'pretty' at the moment but dont worry! We'll make sure it's beautiful when it's done. ;)

I'm working on a couple things by myself too. I am working as fast as I can right now on a Halloween short for the Newgrounds Spooktacular. I don't have much to show right now but I'll try my best to get it done before Halloween. 

This brings me to the other thing I've been working on, and what I'll be working on for the next long while. My animated series, "Wat.". I've got about 5 episodes storyboarded now and plan to start animating in November. In my update video about "Wat." I said I would be animating it in Toon Boom, but after my recent purchase of the Adobe Creative Suite, I will be using more than just Toon Boom. I will also be using Autodesk Maya and 3DS MAX a bit too. I also say in the update video that my previous "Wat." videos are now development shorts, so Wat. - Face is no longer episode 1. JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE SO NO ONE GETS CONFUZZLED. :o


Now here comes the personal stuff, but not too personal.. I'm not a vlogger guy. So recently, I applied for a program at my school called Running Start. This means instead of going to the last 2 years of high school, I go to community college. So when I'm done with high school, I got my HS diploma and my AA degree. So I can go straight to an art school after HS! Awesome! But here's the problemo. I applied a little late to the program, so I have to spend one more semester at my HS, luckily just 2 easy classes and no college classes yet 'til January. Sure I could use the extra time away from school to work on my videos but that can't last very long. I need to get a job. Gettin' a drivers license some point soon and I need to pay that insurance poop. Youtube doesn't pay enough so I'm forced to get a job soon. So I'm probably going to be doing free lance and commissions for the first time soon so look out for an update about that maybe. So with college and a job coming up, I'll have less tiem to animate and junk but I'll just hope this doesn't affect how active I am online. I'm already slow, I don't want to be slower!! D:


So that's what's been going on with me lately. I'm probably going to MAGFEST! So if you're going there too, you won't know who I am! WOO! Jokes aside, yes I'm planning on going to Magfest in January and I hope to meet some cool people there!

mmkay this update is done byeeeeeeee



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