2015-02-02 00:57:29 by BooneBum

i'm procrastinating on homework SO HERE'S AN UPDATE.....for whoever cares!

- I went to MAGfest last week and met all my wonderful buddies and made some new ones too! Will definately go to next year's and maybe some future meet-ups. :)

- I'm currently working on a short collab vid with MrChambers and Stejkrobot! It's certainly going to be an.... odd little video.

- I'm still workin' with Tosmatobeef on our collab video. I did all the rough animation and he's working on the final version of the video.

- I am working with the amazing, Parry Gripp, yet again on a new music video (hopefully will be better than Raining Tacos AKA: GROSS) If you'd like to see a tiny preview of that click here

- My series "Wat." will be put on hold for even longer :( but I'll try to start production in my free time. For now I'm making demo music for the series (not final music but experimenting). You can view some of the demo tracks here on Newgrounds or on my SoundCloud.

- College is finally starting to get a bit difficult with more work (explaining why I'm procrastinating on homework right now). So that will get in the way of some animation time.

TL;DR: MAGfest was cool, Working on collabs, new Parry Gripp music video in the works, Series is on hold, College is a butt.

So with all my work right now, not much stuff will be posted by me. Maybe some art and music here and there but videos? NOPE. But do look out for my collab videos! And go fan those wonderful people I worked with! 


That's all byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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2015-02-11 12:51:03

Seeing you doing so much makes me happy. Someday soon I'll be seeing your stuff on T.V. and my wife and kids will be watching you Ryan. Hope you have a great future. :)