another pico day news post :o

2015-04-22 00:01:11 by BooneBum

yo my diggity dawgs. i see everyone is making a news post about going to pico day so i thought id make one too. IM GOING TO PICO DAY!! :O

this is what i look like:


i apologize in advance for my awkwardness. im very shy when talk to people for the first time but im still excited to meet everyone there! :p


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2015-04-22 01:37:21

Well, maybe not everyone lol! One thing I read last year made me understand why these parties go so well: if you party with intelligent, thoughtful people, things work out.

So far every Pico day party has never been rained on, ever (Tom's claim, likely true). Just pace yourself, you'll do fine... huh, just realized you live in the same town as my buddy. His ancient Chinese father in law made the news about 2 years ago, getting lost picking mushrooms in the mountains (he had a permit, it's legit). Somehow he spotted a State Trooper keeping watch and climbed up a really steep embankment to meet him.


2015-04-26 12:16:16



2015-05-10 08:45:54

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