NATA update

2015-06-19 00:29:21 by BooneBum

Been busy, busy, busy lately! On NATA! Had a lot of work the past month! Not just with my stuff but also with other people's work! 

I'm still surprised I was able to finish a video for NATA in time. I was focused mainly on finishing up a college quarter when NATA was announced. So I didn't even start my entry until late last week! But I did finish! It was improvised and sort of rushed but I finished! Here it is: Garmfield's Amazing Facts!


I also helped out some buddies with their sound work. Did sound design for Howard, Magnivez, Gunboy and SirDuckDee. Also made some music for ZazDupree's entry! All of them worked very hard and made some great animations! Even though some didn't finish their entry, they still worked very hard and you should watch them!


Good luck to everyone else who entered NATA! 


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2015-06-19 09:49:00

Good luck making it to the next round!


2015-06-19 11:21:35

You did so much awesome work this round! Really liked your entry and the music in Strauss.

BooneBum responds:

Thanks Tom! :o