am an adolt now

2015-11-14 18:43:12 by BooneBum

i turned 18 yesterday!! my childhood is officially over but it will live on through my cartoons!!!


im still working for Parry Gripp but i hope to post more animations soon!!! for now i'll try to post more art and music. <3


also i'll be down in cali next week w/ my best pals MrChambers, Stejkrobot, Raziberry, HowardWimshurst and some others for CTN! wooo!!!!


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2015-11-14 19:21:27

Happy b day


2015-11-15 05:38:07

happy b-day dude


2015-11-15 15:03:58

Jealous of your life


2015-11-15 16:46:50

Happy birthday, man! You now have the privallege to complain about today's youth on the grounds of being a 'mature adult!'


2015-11-17 01:27:12

hap birf


2015-11-23 15:56:45

As a belated birthday present:

I saw that on Saturday and converted it to MP4... Then added looping to the Portal for video content, which just went live. So if you want to upload a video version of it's raining tacos and have it loop... You can!

Hope you had a good day. :)