2015-12-25 03:24:57 by BooneBum


Soundtrack demos for "Wat."


What is "Wat."?

"Wat." is a series I've been developing for a couple years now. Not sure what medium I will be presenting the series in yet. I'm leaning toward a graphic novel/comic series but originally I wanted this to be an animated cartoon series. I'll probably do both (comic then animated).

What is "Wat." about?

I haven't gotten a final plot set up yet but as I've said, it been developing for a couple years now. To prevent possible spoilers I'll say this, it will be a sci-fi, abstract, dark, crazy cartoon series.... with aliens. WHO KNOWS! It could change, it wasn't originally going to be that. It was going to be a random nonsense cartoon with a mega dark side. Still, it will be that BUT MORE :o

What's this music for?

Ever since I began working toward making this series, I started making music to go with it. I created some tracks that I associated with "Wat." The whole time, the plan was WEIRD, ABSTRACT, CRAZY. Think of this music as schizophrenia and aliens as one. And slowly as I learned more about music, I kept recreating them. Eventually leading to this album. These are still demos but when the series eventually comes i will recreate these ONCE MORE!


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