Open Toonz Tutorial

2016-03-26 20:38:32 by BooneBum

yo i made a poopy tutorial for anyone who wants to join the Open Toonz animation jam


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2016-03-27 11:55:14

heya, cool tutorial. thank you for sharing your experiences, i was really wondering if it was a program worth getting into. from what i've heard open toonz has some great potential...
after watching your vid I'm still wondering though how the timeline works. are there shortcuts to move back and forth or do you have to click each and every time you want to draw a new frame? can you compare it to another program you know or is very different from others?


2016-03-27 18:23:58

Thanks for making this video. I really needed to know how to get onionskin enabled.


2017-06-08 02:48:11

Cool. Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait to jump into OpenToonz. It wpn't look good tho :)