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i've been doing things! (i think..)

Posted by BooneBum - November 18th, 2016

yo so i haven't really been animating too much lately. or.. at all actually !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been drawing though! Every now and then. I was drawing everyday last month for Inktober. You can check them out here, heeeeeere, and HERE! those links! yes them! click them!


I've also been working with Ross Bollinger on Pencilmation! I'm doing the sound effects! The episodes I've worked on haven't been released on Newgrounds yet, but they are on PoopTube

You can find them in this playlist, along with other stuff I've done sound for in the past couple years (can't believe I'm saying years but it's true, time is going by fast)


I'm getting really passionate about Sound Design and cartoons. I'm never going to quit animating or drawing BUT I'm starting to think Sound Design is my best talent. I've always loved sound design and animation, so whichever I end up focusing my career on, I'll be happy. Hell, I'll probably end up doing both. I just turned 19 a couple days ago and still got a big life ahead of me, so who knows where I'll be or what I'll be doing in the coming years. All I know now is that things are looking bright.


ok im done with this update. it kinda turned into a blog and now i feel gross. i'm going to go away and be a child ( that means i am going to go play pokemon !!!!!!!! )


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Hey you and I can relate. I haven't been animating much either, but that's due to me working hard in college and stuff. Speaking of college, I've also been doing sketches for my Drawing Concepts class. You can find what I've been working on in my art category.

But yeah, it really is good to see you doing well mate. And like you, I will never stop doing what I do best. And that would be making content for people's enjoyment and inspiration. Also yeah, enjoy being 19 because I know I did lol.

I don't know what kind of life you will have in the distant future, but I hope to sit back and watch it unfold. I really do wish you the best of luck Ryan. :)